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broken spring Repair

Springs are essential parts of our garage doors.They are usually under immense pressure from the weight of the garage door. There are basically two types of garage door spring. Theseincludes: torsion spring and the extension spring. Whenever any of this spring break, our garage door will lose balance and the door might not even open.

Since these springs are usually under immense pressure, it is only appropriate to involve qualified personnel to carry out the repair or installation. This is with the aim of avoiding injuries and loss and also experiencing high quality services.

At Bath Beach garage door repair, we have different types of spring, which we will readily fix to your garage whenever you require a replacement. Our team has received the right training to engage in broken spring repairs and replacements. We will respond to your calls in a fast manner and we will offer you quality services within a short period of time. Our regular customers can also expect discounts from us.